Planning for Your Spring Above-Ground Pool Installation

Preparing for the swim season has never been easier than with Doughboy® Pools’ tutorials on above-ground pool installation. Once you have made your pool selection, you can begin the installation planning process. This blog post, along with videos on our website, will have you prepared to install the pool on your own or ready to supervise the professionals you may decide to hire.

Check on Permits

Before beginning your above-ground pool installation, you will want to check and see what permits are required by your city, county, or HOA. Make sure these are in place before assembling your pool.

Choose a Location

The first step, even before making a purchase, is to choose a location for your above-ground pool installation. Doing this before buying will help to guide you in how large or small your pool needs to be to fit your space well.

Take into account that you will need access to electricity and water for your pool to function. You will also want to consider how much leveling needs to be done in that space or if items need to be removed from the yard.

Do Research on Your Pool Type

After you have selected a location and your above-ground pool, it is time to research the specific pool shape and type of above-ground pool installation you will be doing. The steps for a round, oval, or even a recessed pool will vary. Our experts have prepared videos for each of these to make your research simple.

Prepare the Ground

Your next step is to prepare the ground where your pool and equipment will reside. If you have chosen a flat space, you will just need to remove the grass and have the area cleared off. If you are doing a recessed pool, you will, of course, have more work to do and need to dig to the appropriate point. You will more than likely need help from professional pool installers* to put in a semi-inground pool. 

Ask Friends for Help or Hire Professionals

If you have elected to DIY your above-ground pool installation, you will want some extra hands to help out. Ask friends or family if they are available to help you set up the walls and liner of the pool. The more hands, the better. Be sure to host a pool party later in order to say thank you!

You can also elect to hire professionals to do this work for you. We still recommend knowing what should happen during installation so that you can supervise and make sure things are done correctly so as not to void any warranty.

Check the Weather and Plan a Work Day

Find a day that works weather-wise and for your helpers. The sunnier and drier, the better.

Assemble Pool and Equipment

You are now ready to assemble the pool’s walls, liner, and filtration system. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days, depending on the help you have. It also varies based on your pool shape and installation type. To learn more about how to install a Round Doughboy Pool, please watch the video below. For other installation videos, click here. 

Fill the Pool

Once everything is set up and ready to go, you can fill your pool. Use your water hose for smaller pools, or arrange for a tank of water to be delivered to fill your pool.


You have successfully completed your above-ground pool installation! Spend the rest of the swim season enjoying your pool and since you bought a Doughboy pool for many years to come.