Hot Tub Trade-Ins

Ready to Trade In & Trade Up?

By participating in our Hot Tub Trade-In program, you can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Upgrade to the Latest Technology: Trade in your older model for a state-of-the-art hot tub packed with advanced features, energy-efficient solutions, and cutting-edge technology.

  • Enhanced Comfort and Relaxation: Experience the ultimate in relaxation with a new hot tub that offers improved seating options, enhanced hydrotherapy jets, customizable settings, and luxurious features.

  • Reduced Maintenance and Operating Costs: Newer hot tub models often come with improved insulation, energy-efficient components, and advanced water management systems, reducing maintenance efforts and operating costs over time.

  • Warranty and Service: Our trade-in program ensures that you receive a new hot tub with a warranty, providing you with peace of mind and protection against unexpected issues.

  • Personalized Customer Service: At Inland Empire, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable team will assist you throughout the trade-in process, helping you find the perfect hot tub that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Upgrade your relaxation experience today with our Hot Tub Trade-In program. Complete the form above, and one of our friendly representatives will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your options and guide you through the process.

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