Can I Get an American-Made Above-Ground Pool?

Finding American-made goods is a priority to many of us who want to support business here at home. It helps to keep our economy strong, ensure our friends and family have jobs available to them, as well as keep labor practices ethical and humane. There are so many reasons to shop for American-made goods, and it makes sense to want an American-made above-ground pool as well. Doughboy® Pools are the high-quality, long-lasting, American-made above-ground pools you have been searching for.

Beginnings of American-Made Doughboy Pools

Our company was founded during World War I. We began not in pools but instead in rubber sealing of rations for the men fighting overseas.

This is where we get our name. The US soldiers fighting were known as “doughboys.” We felt it was only fitting to name our company in honor of all of the brave individuals who worked so hard to fight for the freedom and protection of not only our country but others.

American-Made Outdoor Entertainment

When the war was over, we transitioned to an outdoor entertainment company. We used the rubber sealing and packing background to help us master splash pools and toys for every American family to enjoy. This included above-ground pools.

Purchase of Doughboy

Although Doughboy was purchased by Hoffinger Industries in the 1970s, we have remained American-made. In fact, this purchase enabled us to take our business to the next level since Hoffineger himself made one of the first above-ground pool filters. 

Today’s American-Made Doughboy Pools

We used the tried and true technology we honed in the early days of World War I and have built upon it to make things even more advanced and durable. Our Therma-Seal™ Technology makes our seams stronger than the liner itself. This is how we can offer an unmatched lifetime warranty against any seam issues with your above-ground pool.

American-Made Quality
We are also so confident of the quality of our above-ground pools that we offer even more unmatched warranties! For instance, where many above-ground pools have very short warranties, ours is the best in the industry! If you purchase all the Doughboy components for your pool, we will guarantee it for five years. This is even longer than the life expectancy of some other above-ground pools by other brands.

American-Made Options
We have also expanded our selection to include both of the popular materials used in building above-ground pools, resin, and steel. We even offer a hybrid option for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Deep Swimming Area or Recessed Installation
In addition to being a leader in technology and materials, we have also provided a way for you to have a deeper area to swim in with your above-ground pool, and the ability to put your above-ground pool in the ground.

Still American-Made
We are also still American-made. Our main location is in Arkansas, and we spend a lot of time and resources investing in the communities we are present.

With all the options, the best technology, and guaranteed durability, the best way to go when buying your above-ground pool and equipment is the American-made Doughboy. We have spent the life of our business supporting our neighbors and yours, and there are no plans to change.