Doughboy Pool Accessories & Supplies

For More Than 75 Years Doughboy Has Maintained Its Reputation By Building The Highest-Quality Pools And Products. Complete Your Backyard Oasis With These Superior Doughboy Accessories Built With The Same Famous Product Quality As Our Pools.

Above Ground Pool Covers

Made from tough polyethylene fabric. Tough, durable material. Won’t crack, split or tear from the cold!

  • Lightweight – Easier to put on and take off the pool than heavier, bulkier vinyl covers. Takes up less room to store, too!
  • Reinforced seams that last longer! Won’t rip, fray or come apart.
  • Made from the best material with the highest concentration of UV stabilizers to ensure your cover will last for years.
  • Available in Deluxe 4 ft overlap or Supreme 4 ft overlap.

Pool Skimmers

Doughboy Skimmers Lead the Industry in Design and Functionality. Features for All Skimmers:

  • Exclusive u-joint skimmer gasket provides extra protection against leaks.
  • Rounded skimmer faceplate and return fitting cover provides a tight seal with gasket for pool wall protection.
  • Large skimmer opening allows maximum water flow for more efficient skimming.
  • Tough, corrosion-resistant, large capacity leaf basket extends times between cleaning.
  • Vacuum hook-up allows for easy, convenient vacuuming and pool maintenance.
  • High-efficiency skimming weir.
  • Single barbed adaptor for 1½ hose for convenient skimmer hookup.
  • Safe, self-sealing vacuum port closure covers vacuum port when pool in use.
  • Skimmer body available in gray or beige.

Pool Entry Systems

Perhaps One Of The Most Important Elements To Consider When Designing Your Perfect Pool Is The Entry System. Both Doughboy’s In-Wall Steps And Ladders Are Specially Designed To Make Entry And Exit Safe And Simple. Discover Just The Right System For You.

  • In-Wall Entry Step – The In-Wall Entry Steps Are Specially Designed For Doughboy’s Recessed Pools And Pools With A Finished Deck. This Unique Entry Step Offers A Seamless Fit To The Pool Wall. Steps Sold With A Complete Pool. Available On Select Models And Sizes.
  • In Pool Step – Doughboy Offers Several Secure Options For Friends And Family To Enter Or Exit The Pool.
  • Ladders – All Doughboy Ladders Offer A Convenient And Efficient Way To Enter And Exit The Pool. They Also Provide The Stability And Functionality Needed For Safety.

Pool Vacuums

Doughboy’s Ultra Vac – Ultra Vac flow and performance has been engineered for ease of use and cleaning effectiveness. It is aggressive in its mission to seek out and vacuum up debris on the pool bottom and sidewall.

  • Durable footpad provides traction for efficient pool movement.
  • 10 each, 3′ white vacuum hoses permits superior pool coverage.
  • Five hose weights allows the Ultra Vac to easily access deep swimming areas.
  • Buoyancy ring keeps the Ultra Vac at proper angle for precise vacuuming.
  • Custom rub-bar provides additional balance for the pool vacuum in deep water. Reduces the chance of vacuum getting tangled or blocked on most pool ladders or stairs.
  • Automatic flow control valve offers flow control to match pump flow rate, ensuring superior cleaning.
  • Universal skimmer fitting allows the Ultra Vac to adapt to most skimmer configurations.
  • Custom swivel with Delrin Washer effectively reduces friction to keep the Ultra Vac from tipping over.
  • Twin drive tubes provides kinetic energy for total mobility.
  • Bumper strap helps turn the Ultra Vac for random pattern cleaning coverage.
  • Vacuum seal made from pleated polyurethane for maximum flexibility.
  • Easy installation. The Ultra Vac can be installed in minutes without tools.

Pilot Vac

  • 45 feet of vacuum hose to accommodate most pool sizes
  • Durable Foot Pad for positive movement around pool
  • Auto Flow Control Valve included
  • Custom rub bar provides additional balance for the pool vacuum in deep water. Swivel device with Delrin washer to reduce hose tangling and unnecessary friction
  • Easy to install
  • Five Year Warranty

Pool Maintenance Kit

Keep pool maintenance to a minimum with Doughboy’s Premium Maintenance Kit.

Maintenance Kit available in two sizes:

Regular Kit comes with premium 30 ft. hose.
Large Kit comes with premium 36 ft. hose.

  • 16‘ Tele Pole
  • Leaf Net
  • Wall Brush
  • Leaf Rake
  • Chlorine Dispenser
  • Thermometer
  • Clear View Vacuum

Pool Lights

Light up Your Doughboy Pool With These Revolutionary LED Lights:

  • Jet Light Color Buster – Sixteen Vibrant Colors, Four Exciting Light Shows, One Incredible Pool Light!
  • Jet Light – The Revolutionary New LED Pool Light That Outshines The Rest!
  • Aqua Lights – The Floating Rechargeable LED Pool Light That’s So Lightweight.
  • Colorfest Water Fountain – Sixteen Vibrant Colors, Four Exciting Light Shows, One Incredible Pool Light!

Pool Filter Accessories

Ensure Maximum Stability for Your Doughboy Pumps and Filters with These Durable Designed Bases

Swimming Pool Pump & Filter Accessories Available:

  • Filter Base
  • Combo Filter Base
  • Powerline XP Base
  • Universal Hard Plumb Kit
  • Hard Plumb Skimmer Adapter Kit

Pool Handrails

Stainless Steel Swimming Pool Handrails provide safety and a finishing touch to your Doughboy In-Wall Entry System. These handrails are an excellent addition to any Doughboy pool and provide an extra safety measure.