Brushing Up On Pool Maintenance for Spring

We made it through the dreaded time change, the days are longer and warmer, and that can only mean that spring is here! Doughboy® experts know that it has been a few months since you were routinely caring for your above-ground pool, or maybe you are purchasing your first pool this spring. Whatever the case, you likely need to brush up on pool maintenance, and we are here to help.

Begin by Opening Your Pool

Before enjoying your pool or even worrying about pool maintenance this spring, you need to open everything.

Remove your pool cover and clean all the debris. Balance your water and get things sparkling clean before jumping in for the first swim. If you need more information on how to open your above-ground pool this spring, check out this awesome video for in-depth instructions.

You can also reach out to some of our dealers for pool opening instructions and/or see if they offer pool-opening services. If you would rather pay someone, this can save you a lot of time and effort.

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Because the recommended maintenance varies based on your sanitizing system, equipment, and even your location, we recommend you see your local Authorized Doughboy Dealer for advice about the best weekly pool maintenance procedure for your pool. They may also offer weekly pool service so you can pass off the maintenance to them! But here are some general guidelines that work for many pool owners:

Once you have your pool open for the season, use your net to remove any debris that collects in your pool at least weekly. You’ll also want to test your water chemistry every week or more often. Check with your local Authorized Doughboy Dealer for tips about balancing your water and to pick up test strips.

You will also need to shock your pool once a week to make sure the water stays crystal clean. Since there is a smaller amount of water in above-ground pools, they can get off track faster than in larger bodies of water.

Brush the sides of the pool and vacuum it once a week or so. This will keep algae from growing and other things from becoming an issue.

Monthly Pool Maintenance

If you have a cartridge filter, plan to remove it and soak it once a month. You can spray it down weekly if you want to keep things from building up, but once a month, you can soak it to keep things running well.

If you have a sand filter, you should plan to backwash it as needed. Remember, when doing this, you will lose pool water, so refilling and rebalancing chemicals will be imperative. See your local Authorized Doughboy Dealer for advice about when to backwash and if you have any questions about caring for your pool filter.

How to Keep Pool Maintenance Minimal

To ensure your life is as simple as possible, stay on top of regular pool maintenance. Balancing water regularly and brushing the sides of the pool will be the best thing you can do for yourself.

You may even consider getting an automatic pool vacuum to make pool maintenance even easier. Or check with your local Authorized Doughboy Dealer about the services they offer if you’d like to totally pass off pool maintenance to the pros.

Ensure you enjoy your Doughboy pool for years by taking care of and maintaining your pool and its equipment. Customers who take care of their Doughboy pools can enjoy them for many years. Live your best summer life in a Doughboy Above-Ground Pool!