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"Inland Empire Hot Springs is an excellent company in which to do business. Provided an excellent electrical service and installation. In these days of supply line turmoil and shortages these guys did as best as possible. It did take some a couple weeks longer for the manufacture my spa, which is common place these days. I highly recommend this business. No games in the buy cycle. Good honest business practices."
- Matthew Drake

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Salt Water System

Experience the Best Spa Water Possible

Available on all Highlife® Collection and Limelight® Collection spas, this easy-to-use salt water system eliminates the worry of keeping spa water clean, clear and sanitized for a full year.* With just a little salt in your spa water, the system generates chlorine automatically so you’ll spend less time measuring and adding chemicals. This unique system makes spa ownership easier than ever by removing the guesswork and hassle of water care maintenance.

  • More natural-feeling water with no itchy, dry skin or eyes
  • Fewer chemicals added and no harsh odors
  • Simple water care means more time enjoying your spa
  • Conserve water by reducing spa drain and refills to once a year*