How to Get an Above-Ground Pool with a Deep End

An above-ground pool with a deep end?! You may be under the misconception that if you get an above-ground pool, you can’t have a deep swimming area.

To be fair, with most above-ground pools, that is the case. However, Doughboy® Pools has always strived to be the best and provide the best, which led to us developing our exclusive expandable liners, which does allow you to have an above-ground pool with a deep end.

Above-Ground Doughboy Pool Liners

When you purchase your Doughboy pool from your local dealer, you will have the opportunity to choose from an array of liner options. Not only can you choose your pool, but you can also mix and match the liner choices with them.

We have standard 20 mil and 25 mil liners available in several patterns and colors that will fit your above-ground pool. These liners can come in the form of E-Z clip, U.D. (Uniform Depth)overlaps, and expandable overlaps.

E-Z Clip Liners

These liners are made so that you can install a liner after the pool is assembled. Similar in concept to beaded liners (but so much better), these liners are “E-Zier” to install. NOTE: Doughboy EZ Clip liners can only be installed in pools with flat bottom floor areas.

Overlap Liners

The overlap options from Doughboy are put in place while you are assembling your Doughboy pool. These are typical above-ground pool liners that fit your ideal pool shape and provide the ultimate protection for your pool.

Expandable Overlap Liners for Deep Ends and Varies Depths

These are the main event if you are looking to have a deep swimming area in your Doughboy pool. They will be installed in the same manner that an U.D. (Uniform Depth) overlap liner would be, but the difference is that they will expand like a balloon when placed in your pool.

You can use this technology to dig into the ground to make space for your above-ground pool to have a deep end. Per Doughboy’ Installation Instructions, as you fill the pool with water, the liner will expand to fit the space you have created.

The Doughboy Difference

No matter what liner option you choose, they will all come with the ultimate Doughboy technology known as Therma-Seal™ Technology. This amazing technology allows us to offer you a lifetime warranty on all of the seams in your Doughboy pool liners.

We are so confident that these seams will not fail that the warranty is also non-prorated. Should you experience any manufacturing defects with the seams on your pool liner, we will warranty 100%.

This quality extends beyond our liners to our pools as well. If you decide to purchase the pool and all the equipment from Doughboy, we offer an unprecedented Premium 5-year warranty for those products.

Check out our website or stop by your nearest dealer to see for yourself the Doughboy difference. We are confident that with one experience, you will see the quality for yourself.

Get Your Above-Ground Pool with a Deep End Today!

Don’t wait any longer to make this summer one to remember. With a pool to fit every budget, you can spend the warm months relaxing in your above-ground pool with a deep end in no time at all. You can even install them yourself if you want.

Start making your pool dreams come true today.