Pool Planning


You've Decided on a Doughboy Pool. Now What?

Congratulations! You've made a smart decision by investing in a pool for your family who's reputation for quality, safety and beautifully-designed pools are job #1. Now comes the part that you'll probably want some assistance from, and we have the experience to offer just that.

Planning for a Doughboy Pool

Selecting a beautiful Doughboy pool is the beginning of your swimming pool enjoyment. With proper planning, your exciting, new Doughboy above-ground pool will highlight your backyard decor.

These Pool Planning pages are designed to offer you suggestions and guidelines on creating a pool side environment that meets your needs and budget. You'll learn about backyard enhancements like pool decking, plants, landscaping and

fencing, as well as thoughts on preliminary planning and selecting the right size pool for your home.

The Family Entertainment

A Doughboy pool offers a way of rediscovering the idea that living at home can mean much more that just staying at home. Let your imagination go and create an exciting pool environment using a Doughboy pool in your own backyard. Having a Doughboy pool in your own backyard makes it possible for you to slip into cool, refreshing water after work on a hot summer day, or simply enjoy a quiet moonlight swim. Your Doughboy pool will offer a great way to entertain your friends and family, and also keep your children cool and happy at home. What's more, it can be a terrific investment in terms of improving the value of your property. With Doughboy pools, you get it all!

Creating the Perfect Landscape

An important consideration in planning for your backyard decor involves plants and landscaping. The right selection of plant life can truly enhance your yard. There are a vast array of plants, hedges, trees, shrubs and vines available which make it important to plan ahead when landscaping. Learn the growth habits of potential landscaping selections (quick-spreading, climbing, etc.) and determine the hardiness and suitability of your selections for your climate and geographic location. Also, consider plant and landscaping selections based on the coloration and fragrances you desire.

Things to Consider
Be Selective when determining which plants or trees you want in your swimming pool environment:

• Plan the location of trees based on the matured height and spread of the trees.

• Avoid overhanging branches which can drop debris into the pool.

• Be aware of the tree root systems which can cause ground swell and disrupt the pool frame.

• Select plants and flowers which do not attract bees and insects.

• Avoid plants which produce fruit or berries which can stain decks and walks.

• Avoid plants which have thorns, stickers, or sappy substances.

Planning the Details

Consider the following points prior to planning your beautiful backyard experience. For a complete list of preliminary planning instructions, refer to your Doughboy pool instruction sheet.

• Select a site for your pool that allows for the proper supervision of swimmers as well as viewing children near the pool.

• Position your Doughboy pump and filter near a convenient outdoor electrical outlet to run your pump.

• Check you wall clearances to allow enough working area for your pool installation, and also make sure there are no sudden slopes within 6 feet of your pool.

• Select a pool location that offers enough distance to avoid leaves or water and debris runoff from entering the pool water.

Pick a pool site away from overhead power lines.

Doughboy's exciting selection of 20 and 25 Mil expandable liners make deep swimming a natural enhancement to above-ground pools. Doughboy is still the only manufacturer producing a truly "expandable" liner. These exclusive liners stretch smoothly into an Optional Special Purpose Deep Swimming Area for Underwater Swimming Only. No Diving. These rugged liners can also be used for continuous depth applications.

Putting Your Ideas to Work

Before you start a backyard plan, you'll need to have the following items handy: a straight edge, grid paper, soft pencil and eraser, and a circle template.

1. Begin by transferring the dimensions and important features of your backyard to the grid paper. Remember to establish a scale (eg. 1 square = 1 foot)

2. Select the desired Doughboy pool size from the choices available, and draw the pool outline onto the grid paper. be sure to position the pool in the location best suited to the features of your backyard.

3. Trace plants, ground covers, deck patterns and walkways onto the grid paper. you can be creative, just erase and replace these items until you are pleased with the design. Take time to consider privacy needs, available space, eating areas, locations for recreation and so on.

Mix and match from an assortment of plants, ground covers, walkway, etc., until you have the look just right for you.

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with questions!

Ideas for Fencing

Fencing a pool area should not be an afterthought; in fact, most communities require that a pool area be fenced in for your safety. Even so, a solid wooden fence, or a more open type of fence such as lattice style, can really enhance your pool side decor. Remember to maintain an open feeling inside the enclosure and keep walkways around the pool as open as possible.

If you have a deck and small children are a concern, you might want to consider a second 3-1/2 foot a 4 foot fence located on deck itself, with a couple of gates installed at strategic points. You may also want to consider optional Above-ground Pool Fencing. Attractive pool fencing which provides an additional 3-1/2 foot barrier on top of most Doughboy pool walls is available to order.

Your on Your Way!

Well, you're now on your way to designing a picturesque backyard setting, custom-matched to you family's style and personality. We hope these pool Planning pages have helped you in selecting the best location for your Doughboy or Lomart pool, and in developing the best backyard - all while having fun in the process.