Buying a Hot Tub

Some things to consider before diving in.

Thinking About Buying a Hot Tub?

Some Things to Consider before Diving In.​​​​​​​

How about the reputation of the manufacturer and the dealer?

The reputation of the hot tub manufacturer and dealer are your assurance of reliability, durability and service after the sale.

How long has the manufacturer been in business?

Have they won any awards or received industry recognition?

Is your local dealer established? Do they do most of their business from a local showroom, or they always out "on-the-road" in fairs, carnivals and home shows? Having your dealer on-hand is important for excellent service.

Does your dealer have good reviews from past customers?

Does your dealer carry name-branded products? You want to know that a solid manufacturer stands behind the product.

One million Spas Sold

Award-winning Watkins Wellness is celebrating over 40 years as the premier hot tub maker in the industry. It's leadership is unparalleled and its innovation in energy-efficiency, exclusive features, advanced water-care systems, and reliabilty is well-documented throughout the industry. 


Watching energy consumption is more important than ever these days, and a poorly engineered spa can have a substantial impact on your electric bill. With some brands of spas costing more than $50 per month to operate, ask these questions:

Is the spa fully insulated, not just fully foamed? Are there documented third-party estimates of electrical usage? Is the spa certified to the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California law?
Calculating the energy costs over multiple years is part of determining the Total Cost of Ownership. This important step is often ignored in the rush of making a purchase, and lower-end hot tubs that cost little to purchase often actually cost substantially more in just a short period of time.

Energy Smart Spas
Super energy efficient


Highlife Collection spas are considered super energy efficient because of advanced Energy Smart features that you cannot find anywhere else.

Silent Flo circulation pump


Highlife and Limelight Collection spas feature the SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump, which quietly and continuously circulates spa water using less energy than a 40-watt light bulb.

Fibercor insulation


Limelight Collection and Hot Spot spas feature FiberCor insulation, which fully insulates the spa cabinet to a density 4X  greater than typical ½ lb. foam.

Ease of Use

Easy and quiet operation is what a Watkins-made hot tub is all about. Your life is complex enough without having another headache.

• Is there an automated water care system?

• Does the spa have 100% No-Bypass Filtration?

• Is the spa water continuously filtered 24 hours a day?

• How loud are the hot tub pumps? Does the spa have a quiet circulation pump, or does it run the loud jet pump to clean the spa?

• What are your options to keep the water soft and clean? Is there a salt water system built specifically for the brand of spa?

Wireless Control System for the spa

Wireless digital controls on a Highlife NXT Aria.

Smart Bells, Useful Whistles

When shopping for a spa, you'll want to look for features that are designed for the realities of everyday use, not just offered on a spa for the quick sale.

• Is the spa built entertainment-ready so you can add a music system or TV at any time, even after you’ve purchased the spa?

• Can you add a fast cool-down accessory that turns your hot spa into a cool pool, then back to hot again? See our CoolZone®!

• Does the spa have additional lighting besides just an underwater light?

television add-on for your spa

Available entertainment add-on

Hydrotherapy Matters!

Be certain that the hot tub has a wide variety of NON-PUNISHING hydrotherapeutic jets. Ask about a test soak!

• Are the jets positioned to hit different muscle groups? Are the jets customizable and adjustable to vary the air and water pressure?

• Sometimes you want power and strength, at other times a soft massaging action. Can you divert water to different areas of the spa?

Spa Warranty

Peace of Mind. Any major appliance might need servicing down the road. You want and expect the backing of the dealer and manufacturer.

• What parts are covered under warranty and for how long? Are there expensive pro-rated charges?

• Are there deductables for each incident?

• How does the warranty compare with other manufacturers? What kind of limitations exist?

•The dealer should show you a copy of the warranty before you purchase any spa.

Hot Spring Spas has one of the best, most comprehensive warranties in the industry. As a dealer, our reputation exists in large part on how we take care our our customers after the sale, and having a terrific warranty to offer makes our jobs a lot easier. We'll be happy to show you the warranty long before you decide to make a purchase. Just ask!