Spring Back from the Winter Blues

Try our top 5 ways to kickstart a healthy springtime

The air is crisp, flowers are beginning to bloom, and days are slowly getting longer. It’s starting to feel like springtime!

The beginning of spring can sometimes feel like the end of a long hibernation. It can be difficult to pull yourself back into your favorite warm-weather activities. Studies show that an increase in depression during the winter months can be triggered by a lack of vitamin D, resulting in lowered serotonin levels (Psychology Today). Some symptoms include an increase in poor eating habits and a disturbance in sleep patterns (Mayo Clinic). It’s time to leave those winter blues behind and dive into spring using these helpful tips!

1. Unplug from your devices

Plug into something greater: improving your wellbeing. Every morning when you wake up, start by checking in with yourself before you check in with your devices. The same goes for bedtime: develop healthy sleeping habits by shutting off devices two hours prior to laying down to sleep for the night. Sleep science suggests that those who develop heathy sleeping habits are more likely to exhibit healthy habits and lead successful lives (NCBI).

Developing good daily and nightly habits will place you in a productive mindset. This spring, begin your mornings by checking in with yourself; leave the phone and computer updates out of your initial morning routine.

These times of day are also ideal for incorporating a wellness regimen. Unplug and plunge into any Endless Pools® model for a morning run, walk, swim, or resistance workout. Before bed, you can wind down by letting the soothing waters refresh your mind.

2. Do things you love to relieve stress

Become mindful of your stress triggers and act against them. When life gets busy, try to focus on your mental health: take extra time for yourself, exercise, adopt healthy eating habits, meditate, and partake in any other activities that you love—whether it’s enjoying solo time, making memories with family, or doing something special for yourself.

Focusing on your mental health will benefit your physical health as well. Indulge in the activities you love this spring, and before you know it, you could have increased energy, higher self-esteem, and improved overall wellbeing.

3. Let in the light

After three months of cold winter weather, it’s time to get outside and soak up some sun. During the winter, the sun doesn’t shine as long, and people tend to stay indoors where it’s warm. As a result, many adults lack vitamin D, making spring the perfect time to replenish those lost nutrients (NCBI). It’s time to let in the light: open up those windows, take a walk outside (or on your Endless Pools® Underwater Treadmill), and indulge in your favorite (aquatic) exercise routine.

4. Kickstart your health with diet and exercise

Forget New Year’s Resolutions; springtime is the perfect opportunity to reset your wellness goals! Exercising and eating a clean diet full of wholesome foods go hand in hand with maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise science suggests adults can boost their energy levels and maintain overall health with 30-60 minutes per day of aerobic exercises like running, biking, swimming, or resistance training (ACSM); all of which are possible in an Endless Pools® Fitness System!

Exercise also greatly benefits sleeping habits, as it can increase serotonin levels—the feel-good element in your brain that promotes sleep (Help Guide). Not sure where to start with your fitness goals? That’s never a worry with Endless Pools® Fitness Systems owners; you can work out right at home and anyway you want. Afterall, it’s “Your Space. Your Pace®.”

5. Reconnect and recharge with friends and family

Get some quality face time in with your friends and family this spring. Studies have found that there is a direct link between social interaction and overall mental and physical health (TIME). Even in our seemingly connected world, technology and social media can infringe upon opportunities to establish valuable in-person connections. Those face-to-face interactions are vital to your personal wellbeing, more so than any kind of online interaction. So as the weather starts to warm up and the days grow longer, be intentional in what kind of social encounters you have: get outside with friends, plan a barbecue with family, or splash around with loved ones in any Endless Pools® model.