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Cloudy Water Tips

So, you have your perfect spa, set in the perfect setting, and you love everything about how it makes you feel. You've been using it a lot, and one evening you open the cover only to discover the dreaded Cloudy Spa Water has set up house in your Hot Spring Spa! Yes, it's unattractive, and may even smell a little funky, but fear not! With a few adjustments to your chemicalization routine and hot tub maintenance, you can have clear, sweet-smelling water all the time!

With heavy use, body oils, lotions, perspiration all being trapped by your filters, it's crucial to regularly clean and degrease them for full functionality. Just because the filters look white, doesn't mean they don't need cleaning.

Also, and especially after heavy use, depending on what sanitizing system you have, a shock may be in order.

Click here or on the photo to download a handy guide for keeping your spa water sparkling!