Doughboy Pool Pricing

While authorized Doughboy dealers are prohibited from displaying model specific pricing online, we know that you naturally want to have an idea about what a pool costs, and other expenses to consider when thinking about buying a Doughboy Pool. We can offer some price ranges, while not giving specific pricing, because to be candid, there are many decisions to be made during the purchasing process that can alter pricing, so a price posted could actually change, up or down, once you've talked with a representative.

Hopefully the information below helps! Please feel free to call 951-924-7030 with questions. Also please remember that each dealer can only sell locally. Doughboy brand pools cannot be shipped or delivered outside a local territory.


Centennial Pool - $1,999
Looking for great value? Check this out - Doughboy Pools is manufactured by Hoffinger Industries, and Hoffinger offers an Embassy pool model Sterling. Check out the special sale here. It should be noted that this IS NOT a Doughboy Pool, but is offered and backed by the same manufacturer.

48" Pool Packages
  1. With Doughboy, your choice between the two are equal. Doughboy pool frames are designed to last, whether they are made from steel or resin. The only choice you will need to make is deciding which of our beautifully designed pools you want in your backyard.

Complete 48"pool packages start at very affordable prices, which includes the pool, liner, through-wall skimmer, pump & filter, ladder.


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52" Pool Packages
With taller pool walls and even more sizes and model varieties, these larger pool packages come as a complete pool, choice of liner, through-wall skimmer, pump & filter. These are massive pools, and many actually hold a much larger water capacity than an in-ground pool, for just a fraction of the price.


Ask About Special Financing! Call 951-924-7030 or you can Apply Online here.


Other Costs to Consider
Many Doughboy Pools can be installed in a backyard by the homeowner, especially if other hands-on backyard projects have been done before with success. It takes some patience, and extra set of hands, or two, and the ability to follow the detailed instructions that come with each pool. Many homeowners opt to have their pool installed by a professional pool installer. We can arrange to have your pool installed by a licensed, and experienced, pool installer. They will get it up quickly, neatly and get you on your way to "Swimming Heaven" in 1 or 2 days, depending on the size of pool and other considerations such as ground leveling, a deep end and any extra services you might want. We can also offer the professional installation cost as part of the pool package, and finance the entire amout for you!


You may also want, or need:

Electrical Work
Concrete Work
Earth Haul-Away
Custom Entry Stairs into the Pool
Automatic Pool Sweeps
Pool Heater
Solar Panels